Wanna model through life like Tegan and Sara?

Everybody knows Tegan and Sara Quin have amazing tastes in fashion. We also know they have passionate, zealous, loving fans. This blog is a catalogue of TRQ and SKQ wardrobe, with every information you need to acquire those beautiful clothing items. You too can look like a rockstar!

Where do all those tips come from?

Tegan and Sara have passionate, zealous, loving fans (I think I'm repeating myself...) who gather in .ca, Mecca of T&S fans. That's where all those tips are from! This is just a tidy version of the T&S clothes thread.

Hide and Seek

The girls have been wearing Hide and Seek clothes in the last weeks, as you have been able to notice in 'Reflections'.
Here is Tegan's black hoodie
And here is Sara's "flashdance" pullover


The girls revealed their favorite fashion online store (:

I found some interesting items there, you should check it out ;)

Sara's Rosa Mosa shoes

These adorable shoes are Rosa Mosa and you can buy a pair here.

Tegan's boots

Tegan's been wearing a lot this pair of boots. In case you've been wondering, they're Fiorentini + Baker, and you can buy them right here

Merch for the Canadian tour

Tegan's Oh Snap! Birds tee

In this picture from the Spin photoshoot, Tegan is wearing a Oh Snap! tee, you can buy it here.

New merch on MapleMusic

I'll just quote Tegan on that one:
even more NEW stuff at http://www.maplemusic.com/dept.asp?dept_id=30 (books and tshirts and hoodies!!)
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